Issues with Renting?

Because Pasadena does not have rent control and eviction protections, for many of the situations below there is little that can be done. But there are still some basic legal requirements that landlords must meet to rent out a place, and if they do not meet these requirements, you have some options available to you. You should find out more through the resources offered in the following sections.

Tenant Solidarity Hotline

If you have issues with your housing, if you think something illegal is happening to you, give us a call. The hotline is run by volunteer members of the union.

(626) 214-8989

We cannot provide you with legal advice but we will do our best to counsel you with information about your rights as a tenant and potential strategies for fighting back.

Other Resources

The resources we list here are for general education and are for reference only. Please contact the resources directly for up-to-date information. The following agencies are not endorsed by or affiliated with Pasadena Tenants Union.

Tenant rights in Pasadena / Derechos de inquilinxs en Pasadena

Los Angeles Tenants Union Handbook / El Sindicato de Inquilinos de L.A. Guía para Inquilinos - This handbook assembled by the LA Tenants Union is a great resource for understanding tenant rights in Pasadena. However, please note there are some important differences between LA and Pasadena, such as the lack of rent control in Pasadena. So all sections about the "Rent Stabilization Ordinance" in the handbook do not apply here.

Information on repairs and habitability issues in Pasadena / Información sobre reparaciones en Pasadena

Template letters to landlord - Tenants Together, a statewide group, compiled these template letters that can help you formally communicate with your landlord about the specific problem you are having.

Housing Resources Center, Pasadena Office

Fair Housing in Pasadena

What is my district in Pasadena?

A California-wide legal resource directory for tenants

California Tenants Handbook