Tenant Solidarity Hotline

If you have issues with your housing like a conflict with your landlord, contact us. The hotline is run by volunteer members of the union.

(626) 214-8989


We cannot provide you with legal advice but we will do our best to counsel you with information about your rights as a tenant and potential strategies for fighting back.

PTU response to coronavirus/COVID-19

Can't pay rent because of COVID-19? Your landlord is forbidden from evicting you if you cannot pay rent due to a loss of income related to the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, but the law is weak. PTU is demanding stronger tenant protections. Join us!

An emergency ordinance was passed for the City of Pasadena on March 17, 2020, in part due to efforts by PTU, in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus/COVID-19. This emergency ordinance establishes a moratorium on evictions that would result from non-payment of rent due to a tenant's loss of income related to COVID-19. You can find more information about this moratorium in this press release from the city. We have also created a guide for rent witholding with sample letters to your landlord. Click the link below with steps and guidance on how to notify your landlord. Call our Tenant Solidarity Hotline if you have questions about how this ordinance applies to you, and how you can stay in your home.

Rent Withholding Sample Letters

The morotorium is in effect for the duration of Pasadena's state of emergency. Unfortunately, despite a current lack of resources for those who lose income, tenants will still be responsible for the unpaid rent acccumulated during this time, and will be required to pay this "back rent" within 6 months after the end of the state of emergency. We need to be connecting with our neighbors and pushing for a cancellation of rent during this pandemic. We demand NO RENT, NO EVICTIONS. Get on our mailing list to join the struggle.

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New State Law: Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482)

If it applies to you, rents cannot be increased more than 5% (plus inflation) every year, and you cannot be evicted without just cause!

This law, AB 1482, has been in effect since November 2019 when PTU and allies pressured city council into adopting these statewide protections early, in response to a wave of predatory evictions from greedy landlords.

This law applies to most apartment buildings, and some single family homes. It prevents rent increases of more than 8.3% in 2020. If your rent is 8.3% higher than the rent you paid on March 15, 2019 then you can have your rent decreased. You also cannot be evicted unless there is a specific reason provided. You can find the details of the law using this fact sheet. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us.

Other Resources

The resources we list here are for general education and are for reference only. Please contact the resources directly for up-to-date information.

Los Angeles Tenants Union Handbook / El Sindicato de Inquilinos de L.A. Guía para Inquilinos
This handbook assembled by the LA Tenants Union is a very accessible resource for understanding tenant rights that apply across California. However, please note there are some important differences between LA city and Pasadena like the lack of rent control in Pasadena. So all sections about the "Rent Stabilization Ordinance" in the handbook do not apply in Pasadena.
Habitability issues and how to get repairs / Información sobre reparaciones en Pasadena
If you are having trouble getting repairs, this document lays out which things are required by law to be repaired, and strategies to get them repaired. Also has information about the Pasadena department that performs inspections.
Template letters to landlord
Tenants Together, a statewide group, compiled these template letters that can help you formally communicate with your landlord about the specific problem you are having.
Housing Rights Center, Pasadena Office
This organization is epecially helpful if you have a disability, and can work with you to make requests for reasonable accomodations.
Fair Housing in Pasadena
Where to report housing discrimination.
Legal resource directory for tenants (CA wide)
If you have an issue that requires legal assistance, many organizations are listed here for you to reach out to.
California Tenants Handbook
A much more detailed handbook than the LATU one, but useful if you need more information about a specific thing.