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The Pasadena Tenants Union is the lead partner in the coalition to get rent control and just cause eviction protenctions on the ballot in November 2022. We are currently mobilizing volunteers to gather signatures on the petition and raising funds to win these critical tenant protections for the Pasadena renters, who make up 62% of the city's households.

To learn more, volunteer for the campaign, and make a donation, please visit the campaign website at

Pasadena Tenants Union is 5 years old!

PTU response to coronavirus/COVID-19

Can't pay rent because of COVID-19? Your landlord is forbidden from evicting you under certain conditions, if you cannot pay rent due to a loss of income related to the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. But the law can only do so much. PTU is demanding stronger tenant protections. Join us!

An emergency ordinance was passed for the City of Pasadena on March 17, 2020, in part due to efforts by PTU, in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus/COVID-19. Parts of the city's moratorium were superceded by a state law, AB 3088, that was passed in September. As of the date of this note (Dec. 22, 2020), the two laws together do the following:

Call our Tenant Solidarity Hotline if you have questions about how this ordinance applies to you, and how you can stay in your home. The Pasadena ordinance is in effect for the duration of Pasadena's state of emergency. However, in spite of a lack of resources for those who lose income, tenants are currently still be responsible for the unpaid rent acccumulated during this time, and will be required to pay this "back rent." We need to be connecting with our neighbors and pushing for a cancellation of rent during this pandemic. We demand NO RENT, NO EVICTIONS. Get on our mailing list to join the struggle.

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Who We Are

PTU is the heart of the struggle for housing justice here in Pasadena. It is where tenants and allies gather to organize against rising rents, evictions and gentrification. As tenants, we don't have control over our own housing. Our homes need repairs. From one day to the next, we can be kicked out, or priced out of our community. PTU is where we can link together all the struggles for housing taking place every day in our city.

The law is not on our side because as individuals, we don't have the same power, money and political influence as property-owners. Instead, what we must do is build collective power. We must build our own institutions to take care of one another, cultivate community, confront injustice, compel city hall to enact laws to protect tenants and the working class, or change the laws ourselves.

Our Meetings

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are holding our meetings online. Please join our email list or email us at to receive information about joining these meetings.

When: We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7 PM

Where: Pasadena Job Center (500 N. Lake Ave)

Tenant Solidarity Hotline

If you have issues with your housing, if you think something illegal is happening to you, give us a call. The hotline is run by volunteer members of the union.

(626) 214-8989

We cannot provide you with legal advice but we will do our best to counsel you with information about your rights as a tenant and potential strategies for fighting back.