PTU is restructuring (as of early 2024)! Information on this page is subject to change in the next few months.


In November 2022, Pasadena voters passed strong rent control and eviction protections by a 7.6% margin! Starting December 22, 2022, Pasadena renters have new rights.

To understand how Measure H benefits you as a tenant, please read our Measure H Tenant Toolkit. The toolkit contains a two-page explainer along with a variety of other tools including sample letters to send to your landlord in a variety of situations, including the rent rollback for tenants that qualify.

If you have questions, please email us at However, please read the toolkit before writing. There is a very good chance that the answer you're looking for is in the toolkit. If you still need help with your case, please join the tenants union and emails at the address above.

Read the Measure H Tenant Toolkit
Join the Pasadena Tenants Union

Our Meetings

We have regular meetings in the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month. Typically, the first meeting of the month is a "Working" meeting, and the second meeting of the month is a "General" meeting. Please see the schedule below.

General Meetings: This is when we have "tenant counseling & solidarity" discussions. If you are a tenant seeking help, this is where to start. Many tenants come with issues like rent increases, eviction notices, and landlord abuse. We answer questions about your rights and strategize how we can organize together to achieve change.

Working Meetings: This is when we discuss and work on other organization matters, projects, and goals. These meetings may include some administrative stuff, planning actions, organizing canvasses, doing research, having a reading group, etc.

Interpretation: We are working hard to ensure interpretation (English <-> Spanish) at all of our meetings. Currently, interpretation is not guaranteed. Join our email list to find out if the next meeting will have interpretation. To help secure regularly interpretation, please pay dues!

Covid: Covid is still prevalent and dangerous. It is very difficult to organize when members are stuck at home sick. There are a number of chronically ill and disabled members of PTU. For the sake of the union, the community, and our work, please wear a mask at our in-person meetings. 


All meetings are 7-9p at The Flintridge Center, 236 W Mountain St., Room 117 (park along Banbury Alley).

Working Meetings General Meetings
April 4 (Thursday)  3 (Wednesday) April 18 (Thursday)
May 1 (Wednesday) May 15 (Wednesday)
June 6 (Thursday) June 20 (Thursday)
July 2 (Tuesday) July 16 (Tuesday)
August 8 (Thursday) August 22 (Thursday)
September 4 (Wednesday) September 18 (Wednesday)

Tenant Solidarity Email

If you have issues with your housing, if you think something illegal is happening to you, email us. Our email is run by volunteer members of the union with the goal of building a broad base of tenants to act in solidarity to protect our housing from predatory landlords.

Due to a high volume of calls, our solidarity voicemail is currently over capacity and unfortunately we are unable to respond to voicemails at this time. We are actively recruiting volunteers for our solidarity team—please contact us via email if you are interested in volunteering.

We cannot provide you with legal advice but we will do our best to counsel you with information about your rights as a tenant and potential strategies for fighting back.